VP of Digital Marketing

Location: San Francisco, CA (or remote; hybrid)

Our client company: SaaStr— www.saastr.com

VP of Digital Marketing

SaaStr is the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, entrepreneurs, and founders sharing best practices and learning how to grow their businesses faster, with less stress and more success. Our community engages with us through our incredibly popular blog, podcast and content resources, events (including our Annual event which has over 10,000 attendees in San Francisco and 2,500 in Europe) and more. SaaStr is a lean “no code” team that manages $20m+ of revenue with a small team, using entirely off-the-shelf tools from Salesforce to Intercom to Marketo, etc. In particular for this role, own $5m+ of ticket sales across in-person and digital events. The vast majority of this is from digital marketing including, email marketing, outbound, chat, ads, SMS and more. Digital marketing at SaaStr is like demand gen and growth marketing at other places — but with a twist. There are 3 core components: selling millions in tickets; growing 100,000+ list; and nurturing existing sponsor relationships and developing new ones (ABM). Your job is to execute our global, digital marketing strategy from end-to-end, including: driving attendees, meeting or exceeding ticket revenue, leveling up communications to build awareness, website improvements, conversation rate improvements, community-building, and anything that will drive our community to the forefront of SaaS and Cloud.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Own and optimize the digital marketing/ demand generation function to scale ticket sales to SaaStr in-person and digital events (tickets – paid)
  • Meet and exceed the attendee and revenue goals per event by executing marketing campaigns across organic and paid marketing channels, including but not limited to: email marketing, paid acquisition, re-targeting, outbound, etc.
  • Own our full-funnel marketing strategy, including increasing our conversion rates from entrance to goal (net new names + free digital events tix)
  • Nurture existing and develop additional sponsor and partner customers (sponsors)

Basically, your job on the above 3 core elements is to do “better” than we are already doing. We are doing well. But your job is to take it to the next level.


  • Oversee traffic on saastr.com and across our various events sites to increase marketable names acquisition and revenue generation (increase our conversion rate of traffic to names from 4% to +8%)
  • Develop and optimize a first-class digital experience for our community with clear digital journeys and revenue targets for key personas in target verticals. Including building out the entire funnel, from re-defining marketable names acquisition models to paid conversion strategies
  • Lead the development and management of digital assets (websites, landing pages, emails, ebooks and ads), working as an individual contributor alongside our resources
  • Partner closely with marketing, sales, and events teams to ensure proper messaging, timing, and execution of campaigns across all channels
  • Sponsor marketing: Act as primary liaison between SaaStr’s marketing team and sponsors (existing, lapsed and prospective). Strategize with existing sponsors on how to co-market to help them maximize their sponsorships. Partner closely with our Sponsor Success, Sales and Outbound leads to look for ways to expand revenue, and develop an on-going Sponsor communications calendar.
  • Content Expansion / Leadership: Work closely with SaaStr leadership to find ways to continually expand and grow Saastr’s media. Including, but not limited to, new product launches, working on long-tail content (ebooks and print), and event-related to SaaStr’s ongoing calendar of events. While beyond the scope of the initial few months, increasing traffic to SaaStr.com 2x would be a stretch goal for the latter part of 2021.


30 days in

  • Own our attendance goals for SaaStr Annual, base goal of 5,000 attendees and $1M in additional ticket revenue. Create and execute an organic and paid campaigns strategy to ensure we meet/exceed goals and stay within budget. This is really job #1.
  • Use a data-backed approach to create weekly and monthly goals to ensure overall KPIs are met. Experiment with new channels and continually improve campaigns. Monitor any paid campaigns to ensure net revenue remains higher than campaign costs.
  • Understand the mix of attendee campaigns to paid ticket campaigns — think on your feet and use the data we have to segment our audiences and nurture them to one of 3 desired outcomes: 1) attend the event 2) pay for a ticket 3) sponsor
  • Understand how marketable names are currently acquired (what’s worked/ what hasn’t) to develop a baseline and playbook for growth
  • Related, improve our conversion rates of website traffic to new marketable name (new email sign up)
  • Get up to speed on the SaaStr community and create a plan with the sales team to help support their ongoing revenue goals

60 days in

  • Understand our ‘demand generation’ funnel more comprehensively as it relates to attendee tickets and revenue goals — know how to build out and execute a ticket model and write a converting email
  • Have a tracker and demand gen plan more fully complete for increasing marketable names
  • Host ongoing webinars with the sales team and start creating an ABM sequence to support their efforts
  • Continually improve our marketo instance to ensure proper segmentation and ease of use for campaign execution

90 days in

  • Fully participate in SaaStr Annual 2021, Sept 27-29, including the attendee email cadence and communications
  • You should have tickets and attendee campaigns down. You are on target to meet/ exceed goals and have a playbook for how to effect tickets in a given week.
  • You are an owner at weekly meetings and can speak to ticket campaigns, marketable names and marketing as a whole at SaaStr
  • You have identified and are managing part-time resources to ensure all marketing goals are met
  • You have a clear understanding of what’s worked/ what hasn’t and have developed a marketing playbook for SaaStr that includes, tickets, capturing more website traffic, gated content
  • You have a clear strategy with the sales team that you’re helping execute and run campaigns towards
  • You are beginning to grow our community in other verticals of the marketing function at SaaStr, including newsletters, website traffic, podcast listeners, content downloads, and attendee NPS is higher

Contact: Dan Green <dgreen@vpofmarketing.com>