Head of Marketing at MURAL




Location: San Francisco, CA

Head of Marketing

our client company: MURAL — www.mural.co

MURAL enables modern teams to think and collaborate visually in Design Thinking, Agile and other methods. A former Startup in Residence at IDEO, the company now serves more than 2000 customers like IBM, Steelcase and Intuit. Forrester claims MURAL generated an ROI of 490% to IBM: mural.co/impact.

“MURAL has been critical in deploying IBM Design Thinking across the whole company. We now have people in more than 50 countries collaborating daily.”

– Phil Gilbert, Head of IBM Design


  • Reporting directly to the CEO, define marketing strategy, budget & priorities (ie: partner directly entrepreneurial CEO, hire and lead our marketing team, set expectations for rest of the company.
  • Proven ability to test a new growth channel, measure its effectiveness and pass to a specialist.
  • Develop user personas for our core buyers (designers, engineers and enterprise teams). Must be familiar with Design Thinking and have a good eye for design.
  • Lead GTM strategy including foundational messaging for Sales, Customer Success and Product.
  • Measure obsessively, iterate as needed (eg: Ability to own acquisition, onboarding and retention funnels
  • Maximize efforts by network of partners & customers (ie: We are a part of a big solution that combines hardware, software and consulting offerings… also, our customers love to share so if you can orchestrate efforts here, the sky’s the limit)


  • SaaS growth experience: we need someone with deep SaaS experience from lead scoring to driving both self-serve and enterprise growth. We need someone who understands product-led growth and traditional lead generation.
  • Curious and self-motivated: we’re in our teenage years and growing quickly! We need someone who can bring structure, while still staying nimble.
  • A word nerd with an eye for design: we’re selling to world class designers, which means our marketing needs to be forward-thinking and effective.
  • Intellectually curious: We’re building a better solution for remote teams and highly innovative companies. We want someone who embraces this mission!
  • Customer obsessed: We view our customers as long-term partners. We invest in customer relationships and place a high value on customer satisfaction.
  • Well networked and collaborative: We’re a collaborative team and want to invest more in the design community. We want a marketing leader who embraces our brand and geeks out at design
  • thinking events and conferences.
  • Can handle stress & celebrate properly when results achieved – yes, there are a lot of things to do every single seconds, but you’ll be able to prioritize and set expectations, right? Now, we also need a great “celebrator” so… if you like celebrating, come join us.

to inquire:

contact Dan Green:  dgreen@vpofmarketing.com